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personal training : one-on-one + group training

"Just getting started" program

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Is it time for a lifestyle change?

This program is perfect for the first time exercisers or people who may have ‘let themselves go' and want to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Our experienced, qualified trainers will develop a personal training and eating program that is specific to your fitness level and the goals you want to achieve. Perhaps you want to lose weight, tone up or simply start maintaining a healthier lifestyle. The choice is yours!

We make a promise to you that the staff at Absolute Fitness Manly will be empathetic to your personal challenges and fitness experience.

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"My trainer was so sympathetic to my fears (and loathing) of exercise. He gradually increased the intensity of my workouts without me even noticing it. Now I look back at what I was and who I am now and I am so proud”.

- Jan


"General Fitness" program

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Be inspired by your personal success!

Our Gen Fit Program (General Fitness) is designed for those people who have reached a desired level of fitness and who wish to maintain or slowly improve on that level.

With the help and guidance of our personal trainers, in a fun, friendly and encouraging environment, we will make sure that your goals are met.

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“I have always considered myself to be a relatively fit person but I often got bored on my own and let things slip. When I signed up I explained this to my trainer so she kept mixing things up and I haven't looked back. I am now fitter and more motivated than I could ever hope to be.”

- David


"Ultra Fit" program

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Become the person you never thought physically possible and push yourself beyond belief

This high impact physically intense program is for people who want to be pushed beyond what they believe they are physically capable of achieving.

It is perfect for the high end, goal orientated fitness “freaks” and professional athletes wanting to improve their game and go above and beyond what they thought was humanly possible.

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“With the guidance and assistance of my personal trainer I went way beyond physical challenges I thought were out of my reach. Sometimes I hurt so much I thought I couldn't go on but with much coaxing from my trainer I realised just how powerful I really am.”

- Louise


"Strength & Conditioning" program

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When size matters, when bigger is better

Our strength and conditioning program has a high emphasis on bulking up and building on muscle mass. With a personalised exercise program coupled with dietary assistance men and women can use this program to tone up and improve their body shape.

This program is perfect for people who may have lost a large amount of weight and need to acquire body tone, or people wanting to improve general or sport specific strengths.

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“I wanted to bulk up so that I could play rugby league, and not be smashed around as much. My trainer developed a great program, in conjunction with an eating plan, and over about a four month period I gained 10 kgs, and became much stronger. I gained muscle mass and definition, and now I am really enjoying my footy.”

- Cam


"Rehabilitation" program

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Rebuild and regain your health, your fitness, your life

Working in conjunction with your medical professional (i.e. Doctor, Chiropractor, Physiotherapist, etc) your fully qualified and certified personal trainer will assist you to overcome injury and or health complications so you can get your life back on track through progressive exercise.

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“After my knee surgery I never thought I would be able to actively participate in a regular fitness program. My personal trainer has worked with me closely, supervising all my exercise, and keeping regular contact with my physiotherapist. This has been very reassuring and gradually I have built my strength so that I am now leading a normal active life.”

- Nick

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