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Change the way you think about exercise. Change the way you think about food.

This program is fast paced so you reach your weight loss goals quickly but safely.

Your trainer will create a personalised program that will ensure you remain motivated and you will receive the support you need to achieve your target.

Your trainer will also educate you on ways you can maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle now and in the future.

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our weight loss success stories

Louise's Story

weight loss success story - before and after photos
weight loss success story - before and after photos
weight loss success story - before and after photos
weight loss success story - before and after photos
weight loss success story - before and after photos
weight loss success story - before and after photos

Well after having 2 kids, holding down 2 jobs and undergoing medical treatments my weight just seemed to get out of control. I no longer enjoyed the things in life that I loved. Going to the beach was embarrassing, shopping for clothes was a nightmare and going out socially was a real chore as I had to try on 20 or more outfits to find one that looked remotely ok. I felt and looked terrible. I really was miserable and to get back into life I had to do something about it. I wasn't my usual happy, positive self. And you know what, I'm sure others around me were suffering as well.

I don't really know what it was, but something just switched on in my brain and enough was enough. I had to take control and make some changes. As I was stopped in traffic, I saw a sign for a little Personal Training studio that guaranteed weight loss and I immediately wrote the phone number down. The minute I walked in the door at home I rang and left a message. I rang again as I was really keen to do something and the very next day I was there when they opened the doors.

That was the turning point in my life and I will be forever grateful. I signed up for a weight loss programme and got started straight away......and you know what, “I have never looked back” and that is going on for 5 years now.

I lost 11kg in my first 6 weeks and after 18 weeks I was a staggering 17kg lighter. I went from a size 14 to a size 8 and found I could wear clothes that I hadn't worn for years. I actually went back to the beach wearing a bikini and shopping for new clothes became a favourite pastime.

I won't kid you it wasn't easy. But I was determined to make some positive changes with my life.

Training was hard and there were many times that I wondered why on earth I was doing this to myself, but with the encouragement from my personal trainer it all seemed worthwhile. I was making steady progress with my fitness and after only 1 week I had lost 2kg and several centimetres. That was it....It was immediately paying off and my hard work was giving me rewards.....I was now on a mission.

We looked at my diet and what I perceived as healthy eating and made some changes. This immediately paid off and to this very day I follow a very similar eating plan and that is 5 years on.

My life has changed dramatically since then as I now co-own a similar Personal Training studio and enjoy being able to help others on a similar journey. I guess for me, I have been there and know what it's like to be unfit and overweight....I have been there myself. I haven't always been a fitness health freak, but have rather evolved into a health conscious adult who can see the huge array of benefits in keeping a healthy lifestyle and the positive outflow into our day to day lives that this can bring.

I read a quote once “ Life is not a spectator sport...if you spend your whole life in the grandstand, you will watch your life go by without you”.....and for me, since my weight loss and zest for health and fitness....there is absolutely no way that I will watch MY life go by without me. I am participating in, and enjoying more things than I ever have in my entire life.

Twelve months ago I opened my own little personal training studio and brought with me all the experiences I had on my journey into a happier healthier lifestyle. With my co-partners and my awesome team of quality personal trainers we pride ourselves on helping others reach their goals.

Here at Absolute Fitness Manly we are a Personal Training studio that is private, intimate and fun. We pride ourselves on the individualised attention we give to our clients, ensuring their experience is nurturing, positive and extremely enjoyable.


Dee's Story

I have been training with Absolute Fitness Manly for some time now. I had an ankle operation and lost my drive, became overweight and unfit in no time. I then got caught up in a vicious cycle of feeling down and not having any drive to return to the gym.

Thanks to Louise's gentle nudges and genuine care and concern for my well being and how I was led me to answer an email and return to a better frame of mind. Therefore I returned to training, became fitter and consequently my weight slowly began to drop.

I love coming to Absolute Fitness Manly and feeling like I am achieving something every visit. I love all the staff, their genuine effort to make me work that little bit harder and their concern for me as a person.

Thanks Absolute Fitness Manly for making my life happy, healthy and “worn out”.


Amy's Story

I joined Absolute Fitness Manly because I wanted to lose weight and tone up for my holiday to Bali. However, after coming to the gym for a little over a month, Petra suggested I join the Pink Triathlon group to train. Hesitant at first, I said yes. Over the past couple of months I have started to really enjoy the swimming, running and riding. I feel better health wise than I have in years. The triathlon goal has given me the motivation to be more active in all areas of my life.


Peter's Story

Prior to starting at Absolute Fitness Manly I was training at another gym for approximately 3 years. In that time the results I was hoping for never seemed to appear. Then I joined Absolute Fitness Manly. I had 2 different trainers that worked me hard and I struggled to get the results I wanted.

At first I thought my trainer wasn't going to be any different. Boy was I wrong.....I had always thought don't eat too much and train as often as you can. Once again....Boy was I wrong. With my trainers guidance I learnt...hHow to eat, when to eat, what to eat and how much I should train..... It is amazing the difference it has made. It all goes hand in hand - eating properly, resting and exercise. I have gained muscle, lost fat and feel better within myself.

I give back energy to myself on days that I don't train, and am not fixated on training everyday. I now know when to eat, how to eat and what to eat. This alone has made such a difference, plus how I am training is giving me the results I have wanted for so long.

I thank the team at Absolute Fitness and am forever in their debt for putting me on the right path.


Shaun's Story

About 18 months ago I couldn't touch my toes or do my shoelaces up, let alone put on my socks because I was in so much pain from my lower back.

I had attended various specialists from acupuncture, physiotherapists, chiropractors, yoga, pilates and swimming as all had been recommended to me but nothing seemed to relieve me of my pain.

If I wanted to go for a surf I would have to take Voltaren first and then it was a grovel to my feet if I managed to catch a wave more Voltaren was needed after the surf.

Then something life changing happened!!!! I received a flyer in my mailbox from Absolute Fitness Manly. I called and spoke to Louise who made me appointment with one of the trainers. Since this first meeting I have never looked back. My sessions with my trainer started with lots of stretching and what seemed to me to be “lots of rolling around on the floor”.

Gradually I was able to do more and more and now 18 months on I am back to my normal self and doing all the things I used to enjoy doing “ PAIN FREE ”.

Yes, now I can do anything from putting on my own socks to snowboarding and surfing. My fitness level is well above average and I have lost weight and toned muscle.

Life has never been better for me and it's thanks to the team at Absolute Fitness Manly.

I would highly recommend Absolute Fitness Manlyto anyone wanting to increase their fitness level, lose weight, tone and build muscle or learn some healthy eating habits. The trainers are especially brilliant if you suffer from previous injury as he is a highly educated personal trainer with a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of health and fitness.

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